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PostSubject: THE RULES V.1   Sat Feb 23, 2008 9:35 am


So this is my new forum, I have made a list of rules
to guide you through the early stages of the forum.

I have set this up into 3 Catagories:


Now, Members Are luckey, you
dont have to follow as many rules as ADMINS or Mods, But
The Rules you do follow are Important rules if you want to
stay on this forum and hopefully move up ranks to Mods Or
1. DONT SPAM!, That Really ticks me off, the only place you are able to spam is
the spam section, Which should be on this forum soon.
2. No Raciest remarks, We hate that!
3. Dont Go nuts swearing at everybody.
4. Take Critisizm Without a Fight.
5. Dont use over 5 emoticons in a post!
6. You Dont Have to type perfictally, we are pretty layed back here.

And thats pretty much the main rules for members.


You are playing an important role for Members, so dont screw up!
Here are the rules:
1. Follow all the rules the Members Must take!
2. Dont God mod!
3. Dont behave like a Staff!
4. Dont Complain!
5. If trouble comes up, Talk to them, if its still happening, tell a ADMIN!
6. Be Kind to all new members!

And thats all for Mods!


You are the most Important people on the Forum, Without you all chaos would happen!,
So CERTINALLY dont screw up!
1. Follow The rules the Mods and Members have to follow!
2. Listen to Members and Mods.
3. Help saught out problems.
4. Be nice, but not too nice, make sure the point is made clear.
5. Dont change big things on the forum without the permission of the ADMIN leader, CAMDS.
6. Post announcments, Be Helpfull, Make time on this forum enjoyable!

Those are all the rules, So, Please, Take them into account and enjoy yourself!

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