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 The Forum Ranks!

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PostSubject: The Forum Ranks!   Tue Mar 04, 2008 3:49 pm

Hello, If you Have just joined Im sure you want to femiliarize
Yourself with the ranks, Ya know, so You dont get Introuble
With someone you think is a member but is acturally a Admin,
(But you can read, right?)
Now, Whats a Rank I hear you say...Well They are...A Title you
are given when you join the forum, they can be something to be
proud of, something you want to get to. So There quite cool, In
this topic I will Show you all the ranks and explain there meaning!

Special Ranks:

Admin is the highest Rank possible, thats the top of the top,
they can do anything, they rawk, end of.

Forum police are people who Are second from top, they are people
who can lock topics, And are Basically baby Admins.

There Job is to Find Out who Has been bad members!

There Job is to just help out and all that, be helpfull, post good stuff.

Normal Ranks:

They are the Highest rank for the normal ranks, you have to get alot
of posts to get it, But dont spam!

Just very Devoted Members!

"Novice Gamer! -0
Gaming Member! -20
Trained Gamer! -40
Advanced Gamer! -60
Gaming Teacher! -80"

All of these Have the Ranks!

And thats all, i Will continue this when Future Updates Occur.


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The Forum Ranks!
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